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Vlad Blad-Avenger 2 Pro

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6 machines in 1

A mere 7 seconds is all it takes for the unique mode switch system MultiStroke™ to shift between six tattooing modes. Forget the screwdrivers and a machine reassembly. It is done without pausing a current session. In under seven seconds, you gain access to full selections of available strokes: 3.2 - 3.5 - 3.8 - 4.2 - 4.7 - 5.5 mm

3.2 Mode – you bring about an amazing graywash shading quickly and easily, delivering minimal damage and irritation to the client’s skin.

3.5 Mode – delicate graywash shading, color gradients, and soft color packing for those who prefer soft tattoo machines.

3.8 Mode – color gradients and solid color packing, fine and medium thickness lines, whip shading.

4.2 Mode – any pigment solid packing, medium and fat lines, whip shading.

4.7 Mode – is designed for self-confident tattoo artists that do solid packing and lining using large needles on any skin area.

5.5 Mode – is a crazy mode. We recommend it for dot shading and experimental tattoo techniques. The super powerful motor makes this tattoo machine unmatched in its versatility.


The SkinResponse™ system makes the very tip of the needle stick in the skin for a little bit longer and then be pulled out much faster than in a classic rotary machine. It even feels a bit like your favorite coil.
This system allows you to work softer and more precisely with long strokes at higher voltage settings. Tattoo artists that have tested this machine all pointed out how delicately it performs even in higher mode settings when used on sensitive skin where the risk of overworking and ink blowout is extremely high. This simplifies your work and gives it higher precision.
Less skin damage, better results.