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Oracle Wireless Pen

Oracle Wireless Pen

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Three Available Stroke Options: 3.7 mm | 4.0 mm | 4.6 mm

3.7mm suitable for black and grey works (1-7RL liner, 5-13M shading)

4.0mm suitable for color works (1-11RL liner , 5-17M shading)

4.6mm suitable for traditional works, large number needles, dot work and heavy color tattoos.

Special torque motor direct drive action, weighted eccentric shaft, you can feel the obvious needle prick feeling.

Wireless touch design, power is estimated for 12 hours of usage (power is related to the voltage used).

The touch screen can still be able to sense any touch even if you use gloves or any cover to protect your machine.

The wireless touch includes the function of recording common voltage, and preventing abnormal pin sticking.

RCA adapter for wired work

The diameter of the machine is 33MM and the handle can reduced hand fatigue when working.

The weight is 180g, center of gravity facing forward for more stable work.

Please match the Type C with the 5V2A charging plug provided.

Anti-rolling design is designed on the body, so that the machine will not fall due to rolling.

The machine and timer starts at the same time, the timer stops when it stops running, and the power is reset to zero by quickly tapping twice.

Two touch wireless power is provided to have longer time and power for working.

The grip can adjust the needle 0-4mm out.

The case is made of aluminum alloy.

Can be used with commercially available cartridge needles.

Comes with an Ozone travel anti-collision protection box to protect the machine.

The motor warranty is for two years, the power warranty is for one year, please use an integrated needle with a structure that prevents ink back-flow.
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