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Vegan Blue Cream By Nikko Hurtado

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Vegan Blue is a skin product with more than two years of development and testing that uses the natural benefits of its ingredients to make it excellent for your skin while also helping in the tattoo process and its healing.

Its main ingredient is the root of turmeric, which has natural anti-inflammatory properties combined with sunflower seed oil, rich in vitamins and anti-bacterial jojoba oil, to obtain a natural cream without animal products.

Using top quality ingredients, Nikko Hurtado has developed this leading product not only for the tattoo process, but also for daily use in dry skin.

You will only need a small amount of Vegan Blue, since it does not melt in your hand or diffuse your Stencil, which also makes it the perfect cream for the tattooing process.

4oz / 120ml format.