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Bishop-Wand Packer 4.2mm

Bishop-Wand Packer 4.2mm

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What makes the WAND special?

THE MAGIC IS IN THE MOTOR— 2 custom FAULHAUBER motors, to be exact.

Franco Vescovi–a tattoo artist & machine engineer of over 25 years–had a goal: create the perfect rotary pen for tattoo artists.

For over 4 years, Franco experimented with countless motors & prototypes. After combining feedback from his worldwide network of artists with his existing knowledge and experience, Franco created 3 versions of the WAND: Shader, Packer, and Liner.

Each WAND features a custom-made FAULHABER motor for magically optimized torque, RPM, and nominal voltage, precisely paired with the right stroke: 3.5, 4.2, or a crazy 5.0!

Please make sure to use cartridge needles with membranes - failure to do so result in ink getting into the machine, which is not covered under warranty.

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